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| Creating Simple and Fun is my goal 

You got this far to read something about me? Thanks for coming this far! 

Well I was born in 1993 in the south part of The Netherlands. At the age of 9 I became interested in drawing cartoons and creating simple stories with them. This caried on and at the age of 12 I started to learn drawing on the computer and creating my own animations in (then called) Macromedia Flash, from that moment on I knew animation and drawing would be a part of my future.

I'd like to take my audience through fun worlds, and give them a cheerful experience.
I prefer to do this with simple stories full of expressive characters that have been brought to life with a lot of passion. To me, animation is an instrument to dive back into my childhood. Nostalgia is an important part of my creative process.

Because after all, everybody's still got that childlike wonder inside them.

Care to join me in this proces? Feel free to contact me: